Whisky & Whiskey

Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey tends to be much lighter, smoother and fresher than scotch whiskies. This is because most Irish whiskeys are triple distilled and use unpeated barley.

Bushmills Original $6
Bushmills 10 year $7
Black Bush $8
Tullamore Dew $7
Kilbeggan $7
Jameson $6
Green Spot $8
Writers Tears $10
Jameson Select Reserve $9.5
Connemara Peated $11
2 Gingers $6
Middleton Rare $23
Teeling Single Grain $7
Redbreast 12yr $8
The Irishman Single Malt $10
The Irishman Reserve $8

Scotch Whisky

Scotland’s whisky producing regions are as diverse as the wine regions of France. They produce single malt whiskies with distinct qualities and characteristics born of their climate, location and hundreds of years of dexterity.

Speyside | 1 oz.

Light bodied with flavours of fresh fruit, honey, and vanilla. The perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

Glenlivet12 year old$8
Glenlivet15 year old$11
Glenlivet18 year old$13
Glenfiddicht12 year old$8
The Balvenie12 year old$10
Cragganmore12 year old$11
Isle of Skye | 1 oz.

Full bodied, generally intense and powerful with strong smoky flavors.

Talisker10 year old$12

Lowland | 1 oz.

Fairly dry, yet very fresh and light with floral notes and soft cereal flavors.

AuchentoshanAmerican Oak$8
Highland | 1 oz.

Smooth and floral, light on the nose with hints of smoke and honey.

Dalwhinnie15 year old$12
Oban14 year old$13
Glenmorangie10 year old$8
Glenmorangie La Santa $10
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban $10
Highland Park12 year old$10
Islay | 1 oz.

Strong and robust, with notes of peat and sea air.

Bowmore12 year old$8.5
Bowmore15 year old$12
Lagavulin16 year old$13.5
Laphroaig10 year old$13.5
Laphroaig Quarter Cask $13

Blended Scotches | 1 oz.

Chivas Regal10 year old$6
Johnnie Walker Red $6
Johnnie Walker Black $8
Johnnie Walker Blue $23
Rye & Bourbon | 1 oz.
Buffalo Trace $7
Knob Creek $7.5
Forty Creek $6.5
Makers Mark $6.5
Bulleit $6.5
Old Forester $7
Mitchers US 1 $8
FEW $9

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Durty Nelly’s proudly uses premium spirits and liqueurs to create every special cocktail.

Dark and Stormy1.5oz. Gosling's Black Seal, muddled limes and Propellor ginger beer.$9
Durty Ol' Caesar1.5oz. Bushmills Irish Whiskey, worcestershire, HP sauce, horseradish, sriracha with pickled bean$9
Daiquiri Dubh1.5oz. Fisherman's Helper rum, Chambord, blackcurrant syrup, lime & simple syrup$9
Limerick Lemonade1.5oz. Smirnoff Raspberry, Triple Sec, real lemon, simple syrup topped with soda$9
Old Fashioned1.5oz. Knob Creek Bourbon, simple syrup, Angostura Bitters$10
Negroni2oz. Willing to Learn gin, Campari, sweet vermouth with orange zest$9
Proper Whiskey Sour1.5oz. Gibsons, lemon juice, simple syrup with egg whites$9
Moscow Mule1.5oz. Blue Lobster Vodka, lime & Propeller ginger beer$9
Singapore Sling1.5oz. Willing to Learn gin, Triple Sec, cherry brandy, grenadine, pineapple juice, real lemon & bitters$9

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Barley Based

BlackSmithMurphy’s Stout layered atop Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale.$7.25
Crown FloatA poor man's black velvet! Murphy’s Stout atop Strongbow Cider.$7.25
SnakebiteBanned in the UK (wimps) this beer cocktail boasts the ingenious mix of cider, lager and black currant.$7
Half & HalfGuinness Stout slowly poured over Harp
Irish Lager.

Additional cocktails can be made upon request. Please ask your server or bartender.

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Coors Light Sub ZeroCO, U.S.A.$6.5
Coors BanquetCO, U.S.A.$6.75
Rickards RedCO, U.S.A.$7
Rickard's WhiteCO, U.S.A.$7
Molson CanadianNB, Canada$6.5
BlackhorseNFLD, Canada$7.25
Alexander Keith'sHalifax, NS, Canada$6.5
Murphy's StoutIreland$8.00
Harp LagerIreland$7.25
Kilkenny Cream AleIreland$7.25
Hop House 13Ireland$7.25
Stella ArtoisBelgium$7.75
Hops and BoltsON, Canada$7.75
Hop Bot IPAON, Canada$7.75
Creemore Trad LagerON, Canada$7.5
Barking Squirrel.$6.5
Granville Island English Bay Pale AleBC, Canada.$7.75
Sleeman RailsideON, Canada$6.75
Belgian MoonCO, USA$7.25
Goose Island IPAIL, USA$6
Irish Beer Sampler
4 ounces of Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny & Smithwick's.$7.25

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Bottled Beer

Coors LightCO, U.S.A.$5
Molson CanadianNB, Canada$5
Molson Canadian 67NB, Canada$5
Alexander Keith'sNS, Canada$5
Oland Export AleNS, Canada$5
Steam Whistle PilsnerON, Canada$6.5
Innis & Gunn Original$7
Strongbow Gold 20oz DraughtEngland$8.5
Canadian Stonefruit$7.5
Strongbow DryEngland$7.5
Bulwarks TradNS, Canada$7.5
Angry OrchardNY, USA$7.5
BrickworksON, Canada$7.5
No Boats On SundayNS, Canada$7.5

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Craft Beer

Garrison Tall Ship 20oz draughtHalifax, NS, Canada$7
Garrison Irish Red 20oz draughtHalifax, NS, Canada$7
Garrison Raspberry Wheat 20oz draughtHalifax, NS, Canada$7
Alexander Keith's Lunenburg Stout 20oz draughtHalifax, NS, Canada$7.75
Spindrift Knotty Buoy 20oz draught NS, Canada$7.5
Breton Brewing Black Angus IPA 20oz draughtNS, Canada$7.5
Breton Brewing, Stirling Hefeweizen 20oz draughtNS, Canada$7.5
Nine Locks Dirty Blonde 20oz draughtNS, Canada$7.5
Hell Bay English AleNS, Canada$8
Hell Bay Dark CreamNS, Canada.$8
Nine Locks Brewing, ESBHalifax, NS$6.5
Nine Locks Brewing, Watermelon BlondeHalifax, NS$6.5
Garrison Hopp BuoyHalifax, NS$6.5
Mill St. OrganicON, Canada$6.5
Wine Bottles


Luckett's Durty & Stubborn RedNS, Canada$35
Two Oceans Cabernet MerlotSouth Africa$35
Trapiche Broquel MalbecArgentina$37
Cliff 79 Cab ShirazArgentina37
Ravenswood ZinfandelU.S.A.$44
Gaspereau Lucie KhulmannNS, Canada$38.00
Mark West Pinot NoirU.S.A.$35
The Show Cabernet SauvignonU.S.A.$38
Gaspereau, Lucie KhulmannNS, Canada$37.5


Luckett's Nelly Goat WhiteNS, Canada35
Two Oceans Sauvignon BlancSouth Africa35
Ruffino Pinot GrigioItaly$37
Jost Tidal Bay L'Acadie BlancMuscat, NS$37
Trius Dry RieslingON, Canada $35
Kim Crawford Sauvignon BlancNew Zealand$40
Cliff 79 ChardonnayAustralia$35
Villa MariaNew Zealand$38

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Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Henkell Troken DryGermany5oz. $9 | Btl $35
Jost SelkieNS, Canada$36
Veuve Clicquot Yellow LabelFranceBtl. $100
Dom PerignonFranceBtl. $300

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Wine Stems


Luckett's Durty & Stubborn RedNS, Canada5oz $7 | 8oz $10
Mark West Pinot NoirU.S.A.5 oz. $7 | 8oz. $11
The Show Cabernet SauvignonU.S.A.5oz. $7.75 | 8oz. $12
Gaspereau, Lucie KhulmannNS, Canada5oz. $7.5 | 8oz. $12
Two Oceans Cabernet MerlotSouth Africa5oz. $6.5 | 8oz. $10
Trapiche Broquel MalbecArgentina5oz. $7 | 8oz. $11
Cliff 79 Cab ShirazArgentina5oz. $6.5 | 8oz. $10


Luckett's Nelly Goat WhiteNS, Canada5oz $7 | 8oz $10
Two Oceans Sauvignon BlancSouth Africa5oz. $6.5 | 8oz. $10
Ruffino Pinot GrigioItaly5oz. $7 | 8oz. $11
Trius Dry RieslingON, Canada5oz. $7 | 8oz. $11
Jost Tidal Bay L'Acadie BlancMuscat, NS5oz. $7.5 | 8oz. $12
Cliff 79 ChardonnayAustralia5oz. $6.5 | 8oz. $10
Villa Maria Sauv BlancNew Zealand5oz. $7.75 | 8oz. $12

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